No soy de aqui, ni soy de alla

“I am not from here, nor from there” -a song written by Rodolfo Enrique Cabral

Both sides of my grandparents were migrants, seeking a better life for themselves in other countries. My mother is English/Irish. Her parents were Irish who migrated to England for a future with better economic prospects.

My father was Greek. His father was Russian (of Pontic Greek parents), and my father’s mother a Pontic Greek; Pontic Greeks are a Greek ethnic minority who in the past inhabited the shores of the Black Sea, both Southern and Northern shores.

I was born in London, England, and have lived in England, Greece and Ireland.

The concept of ‘identity’, as a notion stemming from a sense of belonging to a country, race, a set of cultural traditions or attributes associated with a region, take on a very different perspective, given this backround.

Seeking for aspects of identity that are inherent in a sense of ‘belonging’ is not always an easy journey. Colourful, intriguing, awakening in me at least, a sense of curiosity and a wish to explore, to expand horizons, to have question marks laid to rest. 

Not in a sense, that open ended questions are a concern, but rather that a personal interest of mine, is in journeys. The sense of traveling, being more fulfilling than that of arriving.