Clouds, Elephants and the Sea

A few weeks ago, my daughter Ellie, aged 13, asked me whilst we drove home “what would you say, an average cloud weighs?”. I thought, and said, do you mean the moisture droplets, the water? She didn’t answer. So I thought, how much water can a cloud have in it? And I answered, 30kg?

She said no. An average cloud weighs as much as 6 Elephants.

I was so happy to learn this, especially to learn it from Ellie. And it got me thinking about all the Elephants hovering over us, in the sky. I thought for a silly moment, about the Asterix comic books and their fear of the sky falling on their heads. And rightfully so, considering how many Elephants are hovering up there.

Of course, and thankfully so, Elephants don’t fall on our heads out of the sky. There is a feeling of warmth to be had, that such a reality can more or less be depended upon.

This album is a tribute to innocence, Elephants and the Sea.